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Creative Folkestone, South East

Stacy Makishi

Church of the Latter Day Sinners

Stacy Makishi brings Church of the Latter Day Sinners to Folkestone, encouraging people to embrace their flaws and foibles. More mess than messiah, Stacy makes sermons out of the muck and miracle of being human.

Creative Folkestone

Quarterhouse, Mill Bay, Folkestone CT20 1BN

Stacy Makishi

Stacy Makishi

Stacy Makishi is a transplant from Hawaii who found paradise in East London. Like a bonsai plant, Stacy is small but old. She has been making art for over 30 years. A cross-fertilisation of theatre, comedy, film and visual art, her work is as complex as it is accessible; humorous as it is challenging; visual as it is literate. It ranges across solo performances for stage, large-scale outdoor participatory projects and intimate one-to-ones. Also a teacher, director and mentor, Stacy believes in art’s transformative power and strives to share her creative process with others in order to put more aloha into the world.