Due to Covid-19, there are changes to some events, and we are extending the project beyond 2020 Read more


Not the usual

Here and Now is a national and local celebration of culture within communities. 40 brand new projects will take place in and around 40 arts centres across the country, led by artists and co-created with local people. The project is supported by Arts Council England and Future Arts Centres, marking The National Lottery’s 25th birthday.

Throughout 2020 you’ll find exhibitions, performances, parties, installations, films, food and more popping up around the country, telling the story of the place and the people, and celebrating the impact arts and The National Lottery has had and could have on community life.


​There are over 60 artists working on Here and Now nationwide – theatre-makers, musicians, visual artists, film-makers, circus artists, dancers, and more! Each are rooted in their local area and have a relationship with their arts centre and/or community.


The 40 arts centres taking part in Here and Now are spread across cities, towns and countryside – homes to very different communities, and with a genuine connection to them. From South Shields to Exeter, Liverpool to Norwich, and lots more in between.

Venues were recruited through project leader Future Arts Centres, a network led by The Albany and ARC Stockton, committed to championing the unique importance of arts centres at a local, regional and national level.

Trust builds successful communities.

With Here And Now, you will find something beautiful, new and unexpected. You may know someone who was involved in making it. You may have heard about it from someone you know and trust. You may experience a unique local event. All of these things will have come from your community, from people and places to whom you can relate. Here And Now will only ask that audiences are open and honest. The projects work under the idea that everyone involved should not be “grateful”, but truthful.