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Cambridge Junction, South East

Scottee & Friends Ltd

Would Like To Meet

Image: Scottee & Friends' Would Like To Meet Project

Scottee & Friends and Cambridge Junction wanted to meet the people who think theirs is the loneliest street in Cambridge. They asked residents about the sort of people they would like to meet, the neighbours they wish for and why they don’t currently interact.

After everything that’s happened, would you like to get to know your neighbours better? 

During the pandemic many of us became more aware of who our neighbours are. For some it meant that the people who live next door have been on hand to deliver food and provide much needed care and support. For others those awkward nods as they pass each other became a smile and a ‘Hello’ on a Thursday evening as they clapped for key workers.

Lock down brought people together but some of us still have no idea who our neighbours are. So Scottee and Friends wondered after everything that’s happened, would you like to get to know your neighbours better?

You can watch a short video about the project here.

Cambridge Junction

Clifton Way, Cambridge CB1 7GX

Scottee & Friends Ltd

Scottee & Friends Ltd

Scottee is an artist and writer, working across theatre, fine art and installation with no formal education. In 2010, as an emerging artist he won the title of Time Out Performer of the Year, and since then has been creating provocative work for audiences across UK, Europe, Australia, Japan and the US. Scottee is not easily definable: his work is brash, political and will often leave you a bit annoyed or overwhelmed, but never impartial.