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154 Collective


After 2o2o, we were all in need of joy, colour, creativity and the chance to step into a world that was a little bit brighter and a little less serious.

From their individual creative spaces, artists from 154 Collective created an exhibition celebrating what’s great about being connected, collective and part of a community. Their work was displayed in the Lauriston Gallery at Waterside from Monday 17 May to Saturday 31 July 2021.

As you stepped into the gallery at Waterside Arts you came across sounds, images, objects, animations, words and space – all designed to make you smile, pause and reflect.

The temporary installation was created specifically for people in Trafford – and was suitable for everyone from 4 to 94.


Waterside Arts

1 Waterside, Sale M33 7ZF

154 Collective

154 Collective

154 Collective is an international, multi artform group, including Performers, Painters, Writers, Photographers, Animators, Dancers and Musicians. They tell stories from unusual and fun perspectives and present work in all sorts of ways including exhibitions, music albums, installations, theatre shows and public art.

The artists who have created We Are So Collective are:

Fabric Lenny

Dan Mallaghan

Hayley Youell

Yvonne Roberts

Nick Lewis

Bec Smith

Ian Ball

Lou Sumray