Lawrence Batley Theatre, Yorkshire

Hoot Creative Arts

Walk in My Shoes – About My Life

Lawrence Batley Theatre brought together two groups of people who don’t usually have contact to develop new creative conversations which explored the hopes and dreams, aspirations and fears of their communities in a post-covid time.

We wondered what would happen if we brought younger and older people together across the generations. We teamed up with Hoot Creative Arts and their talented artists – writers, story-tellers and theatre-makers. For many years Hoot have run their ground-breaking Breathing Space groups for people with dementia and their carers and partners while Lawrence Bately Theatre offers creative opportunities for young people. Between us we brought together the two generations to find out what it would be like to ‘Walk in My Shoes’.

So in Summer 2021 our Courtyard was full of chat, interaction and most of all creativity. Over four weeks young and old shared writing, stories and drama and discovered what they had in common and what was different about their lives. Surprise, surprise although they may be separated by the years and life experience, there was plenty to share and find out about each other. What got you through lockdown? What is your vision for a future world?

The whole experience was captured on film was premiered on 18th September.

Watch the film here.

Lawrence Batley Theatre

Queen St, Huddersfield HD1 2SP


Hoot Creative Arts

Hoot is a creative arts organisation that normalises mental health, supports personal growth, and promotes social change. It exists to support the development of creativity, to build confidence and esteem, encourage personal growth and foster creative expression – something that is of central importance to our mental and physical health, wellbeing and happiness. Hoot creates opportunities for participants to work with professional artists, giving people the chance to explore identity, emotional wellbeing, purpose and meaning in a safe, expressive and welcoming environment.