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Colchester Arts Centre, East

Lisa Wesley

Silent Conversations

Lisa Wesley will inspire a conversation across species, interacting with local fauna and wildlife leading to a new film, screened alongside talks, dinners and other events.

Colchester Arts Centre

Church St, Colchester CO1 1NF


Lisa Wesley

From a young age, Lisa Wesley found it hard to communicate with the outside world but found solace in nature and art, immersing herself in drawing and memorising all the wildflowers of the UK she found in her beloved books on nature. Later on in adult life, she was diagnosed with learning difficulties (dyslexia and dyspraxia) and is currently undergoing assessment for Asperger’s syndrome. These issues made it increasingly difficult for her to cope with the stresses of the art world, particularly in expressing herself in applications, at interviews or in networking situations, so in 2010 she made the decision to stop making art and focus on building a specialist plant and seed nursery (Growild Nursery), something she felt more confident with and knowledgable about. Along with her partner, she has also created a wildlife haven at their nursery, including a 5 acre wildflower meadow on what was once over-grazed farmland. In the proposed piece, her return to art will combine her love of nature with themes she has previously explored.